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Annual Election

Tarheel Chapter Elections 2023

Fellow Tarheel Members, it is election time again. We hold elections for half of our elected board every year and now is the time. Nominations are open at this time for the following positions:

1. President

     Activities Director


      Membership Chair

2. The President, Activities Director and Membership Chair have agreed to run again but other candidates can still run. 3. Nominees must be BMW CCA members and must give written acceptance. Nominations must also come from members. 4. Along with acceptance, each candidate should provide a statement as to why they should be elected to the nominated position. 5. All position job descriptions are available within the bylaws posted on our website. 6. All nominations, candidate statements and questions should be directed to Danny Staley 7. Ballots will appear in the Footnotes and on our website with submittal instructions in March.