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First Time Students     

Driving School, Autocross, Car Control Clinics defined Word

Introduction to Driver Schools and Your Driver School Committee  Word

What to expect at a typical event – A day at the Track  

Driver School Rules both for closed cars and open cars   

(specific rules for convertibles can be found at http://www.bmwcca.org in the operations manual section.

Car Preparation

Helmet Standards

Run Group Selection Guidelines for Students 

Outdoor Action Guide to Heat-Related Illnesses & Fluid Balance  

HPDS Run Group by Skill Set (A+,A,B,C,D)

Tarheel A+ Advanced Driver Program



BMW CCA Club Racing Website





Advanced Driving Techniques

A Lap at VIR-Full Course  

A Lap at VIR-North Course

Hot Laps at VIR North Course by Peter Krause

A Lap at VIR-South Course

ViR Turn Changes Guide 2014 by Krause & Assocs LLC 

Life Without Torque by Richard John   Word  

VIR Track Map

The Art of Heel and Toe Downshifting  

Chauffeur Braking Technique for Balance and Speed  Word

Trail Braking  Word 

Advanced Techniques for Looking and Seeing on Track Word 

Soft Eyes Practice Model  Word (courtesy Akiyoshi Kitaoka)

Analyzing Fast Turns & Slow Turns & How That Affects Entry Word

Nailing the Apex (article)

Tarheel Lead-Follow Instructing Procedures


Demonstration of VIR Full Course "School Line"




Becoming a Tarheel Instructor

Guest Instructor Application

Proper Harness Installation


Instructor Summit Documentation


The Performance Driving Glossary

Curriculum Guide  free download 


Instructor's Corner Newsletters


Issue 1 February 2014 "Asking Questions"

Issue 2 March 2014 "Personality Types"

Issue 3 May 2014  "Corner Workers and Incident Safety"

Issue 4 August 2014  "Student Evaluations"

Issue 5 January 2015 "It was a very good year"

Issue 6 March 2015 "SLIP"

Issue 7 August 2015 "SLIP Part 2"

Issue 8 October 2015 "Corner Worker Signals"

Issue 9 April 2016 "Command and Control"

Issue 10 December 2016 "A Chat with the C.I.'s"

Issue 11 November 2017 "Driver Aids"




Tarheel HPDS FAQ

High Performance Driving Events Chairman

Tom Tice

Chief Instructor Team

April Curtis (Co-Chief Instructor, ITS Classroom Facilitator)

Paul Tillery (Co-Chief Instructor)

Mike Hinkley (Instructor, Open Car & Safety Issues)

Registration, Classroom, ITS, Sponsorship & Information Staff

Phil Antoine(Motorsportreg Liason, Pre-event Registrar, Instructor)

Todd Jones  (HPDS On-Site Registration Czar, Instructor)

Jason Cornett (HPDS On-Site Registration Czar, Instructor)

Gilbert Reynolds(HPDS Packets & Registrar, Instructor)

Scott Meyer (Instructor Development, Instructor)

Allen Patterson (Instructor Training Coordinator, Instructor)
Tom Tice (HPDS Shirts, Sponsor Contact, Instructor)

Craig Harmon (Artistic Director, T-shirt Designs)

Danny Staley (Volunteer Coordinator, Chapter Custodian)

Gerry Chan  (Instructor Continuing Education Coordinator)



Tarheel 2024 Track Events
Stay Tuned
 2023 fees:
 Student 2-day Saturday – Sunday driving school   $535.00
 A+ 3-day Friday-Sunday driving school   $795.00
 Friday-only instructor orientation & ITS candidates   $180.00 
Club Racer $275.00  
Skid Pad $65.00 
Helmet Rental $40.00

Registration and Confirmation

Register for events at http://tarheelbmwcca.motorsportreg.com/

Student Confirmation Packet

Instructor Confirmation Packet

BMW CCA Electronic Waiver System  complete prior to arrival at the event

Please note new Friday registration hours are 8am-10am and 5pm to 8pm


New Requirement: All cars of students in the C & D run groups shall have mufflers such that instruction via intercom by in-car instructor is not impaired by the internal noise in the car. This is a safety issue.  It is also recommended that ALL students consider the issue of internal car noise with respect to safety and getting all that you paid for from your in car-instructor.


Event Headquarters: Sleep Inn (434) 793-6090.  For a discount request the "VIR Rate." 

Other Area Hotels 

Holiday Inn Express (434)  793-4000  

Best Western Danville  (434) 793-6090

VIR Lodge offers 45 rooms - Reservations (434) 822-7700 EX 101

VIR Pit Road Suites - 18 are available for rent (434)822 -7700 EX 101

Camping not available at Tarheel Events



VIR Oak Tree Tavern Located in the plantation clubhouse. For reservations call Wendy Riddick at (434) 822 - 7700 EX 117.



Event Photography
F&S Enterprises

We welcome your comments on our events to help us improve and provide the best experience for our students and instructors. Email Comments

Student Guide

Student's Evaluation of Instructor and Event

Instructor's Guide

Instructor's Evalution of Student

What our students are saying...

"This instructor genuinely desires to improve me as a driver. He evaluates my driving, and gives 2 simple areas for me to work on. I'd work with him every track weekend.”

“Without doubt the two things I need to focus on most were looking ahead and looking ahead. And I need to learn how to heel-toe. My instructor was great at helping me find reference points on a track where there aren't many, and was great at helping me drive in the rain for the first time. He gave positive feedback when I did something well, and constructive criticism on the not-so-good things.”

“This instructor is obviously very knowledgeable about VIR and is a fantastic in-car instructor. Spent a lot of time discussing the track and quickly found area where there was room for improvement. I had a great experience for my first time at VIR.”

“The class instructor made excellent use of the rainy conditions. He was very aware of potential issues that could occur and communicated these to me. I would recommend him!”

“One of the best driving venues in the country. On point, education related to class/track/driving. Fantastic in class and in car instructing. A great group of knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, welcoming people. Proud to be part of this great family."